Communion at 175 Barker

We are planning to celebrate Communion in our cars at 175 Barker next on Sunday, September 27 at 12 noon, weather permitting. We plan on receiving Communion in this way every other week.

Click here to download the order of service, and call (508) 924-2094 to join in the conference call of the Communion service from your car.

Feel free to bring your own bread, grape juice, or wine, as well as your own copy of the order of service if you want to - otherwise, we will provide you with bread and grape juice and an order of service when you arrive.

Please refresh your memory by reading below the details on the who, what, when, and how of our Communion service at 175 Barker.

"Take and eat; this is my body, given for you."

"Take and drink; this is my blood of the new covenant, shed for you for the forgiveness of sins."

Our service of the Sacrament of Communion takes place at noon every other Sunday, shortly after our regular Zoom worship service. Here's how works:

1. Drive to 175 Barker for 12 noon on Sunday after our Zoom worship service. 175 Barker is the parking lot across Barker Road from our building at 200 Barker.

We will still be having our regular Sunday morning activities on Zoom before this service of Communion - Bible study at 9 AM, worship service at 10:15 AM - so please join us there as well!

2. You will be directed to a parking space. We will help you park every other space facing the center of the parking lot so that there is space to deliver elements and that you are able to see me as I lead our service.

3. We will distribute Communion elements and a printed order of service to each car if you need them. I will come by each car and ask how many people in your car you need Communion for. You will let me know how many people are communing in your car, how many orders of service you need, and I will bring them to you.

If you have bread and wine/grape juice at home that you would like to consume, or if you have gluten allergies, please bring those with you, as well as any cups or plates you may need. Feel free to bring your own copy of the order of service if you want to as well.

4. You then call into the conference line and participate in the service. Save this number in your cell phone: (508) 924-2094. (If you need a toll-free number, call (844) 844-0414 and enter the code 427982 when prompted.) These numbers will also be printed on the order of service you will be given. Put your phone either on speaker phone or connect it to your car's audio - either via Bluetooth, an Aux cable, or however you regularly hear take phone calls while in your car - so that everyone in your car can hear the service.

5. We will receive Jesus' gifts to us together and return to him our praise and thanksgiving!

6. Through this all, we ask you to remain in your car until you are asked to come out to get your Communion elements, and then that you remain in your car for the duration of our time together. This honors our agreement with Northfield Human Services who is graciously letting us use their lot for this purpose, and will allow us to continue meeting in this manner. Thank you for your help and respect.

Questions? Please contact Harrison Parker, pastor.