Children and Families

Each Sunday your child can explore God’s Word and apply it to daily live during our Sunday Education Hour:  9:00-10:00 am. For more information contact our Family Discipleship staff member, Linda.

Getting Ready for Baptism—if you are interested in baptism for your child or yourself we are ready to serve you. For more information contact the Pastor.

We also offer confirmation instruction and first communion classes for preteens and those ready for this next adventure of faith and life. For more information contact the Pastor.

We support your quest for children and families joyfully living out their faith together in healthy homes with healthy relationships. Afterall, this is our mission: “We strive to cultivate thriving relationships with God, one another and our neighbors.”

Looking for a simple yet impactful ways to cultivate such thriving relationships? Check out these online resources:

Faith 5 simple way for children, teens and adults to revitalize relationships with one another and God.
Colors Inventory A tool to help you and yours understand self and others better.

Healthy Home Workshops: Please watch our E-News for the next workshop.